Funny Cats Reaction To Smell Feet | Top Cats Video Compilation

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Funny Cats Reaction To Smell Feet | Top Cats Video Compilation
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Misora Red says:

They look like they have brain freeze lol

Dlonra Reggenzrawhcs says:

Human: ( Exposes naked foot to cat)
Cat: ( Sniffs the foot) "Initiating odor extraction"
( Cat opens mouth) "Analysing… Analysing… presence of yeast confirmed… Wash your feets more ofthen human"

dragonnight cz says:

All of them look like this sentence :

Soviet PetuniaCat says:

According by studies conducted by the Meowthian University of Catsas, hooman feet smell.

Azeli Eledanzae says:

My feets never smell my cat even slept on my legs

Daria Fata de aur 666 says:

The cats are like i regret everything i do in my whole life and career

MiniHenry says:

0:32 Vietnam flashback intensifies

go figure says:

I swear human feet is the worst thing ever a poor cat could smell , all her senses taking in that crap

Jennielyn Fructuoso says:

Smells feet?😂

Dein Mudder sein Vadder says:

Smelly feet cause flashbacks of war

Ruairi Conlon says:

victoria nightingale i’m ruairi conlon please comment below what you think of this cats face @ 0:19 and tell me what he’s thinking 😃 thank you victoria

Widow _1 says:

That smells shit 😅🤣😂

Gabbo 67 says:

0:58 are you serious ? No really, I ain't gonna do that

Jessica Saw says:

I know it is coz they like the smell, but there reaction is hilarious 😂

Steevil Bruh says:

Lol cat was like heck no nasty ass feet

Heart says:

Lol their faces


Go wash your legs hooman

Attila Bálint says:

Foot fetish > Cat

Milo ballz101 says:

When you smell her Vag

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