Funniest Guilty Pets Reaction When Knew They Did Something Wrong | Happiness Kingdom

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Funniest Guilty Dogs Reaction
Funniest Guilty Pets Reaction
Guilty Dogs

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Kent Vicente says:

No they dont feel guilty… they just dont know how to react to a sudden change of voice and facial expression.

tyson Rajpoot says:

Omg they are so sweet, gud as compared to human who don't feel shame or guilty when they do something wrong.

BETY Petrona says:


Locha Pizi says:


Evevanna Debysingh says:

It's just so amazing of how intelligent dogs are….

ms gay says:

2:16. No it wasn't me. I hv my treat bone in my mouth

Joker In The Bronx says:

I love how they try to look as pathetic as possible. They think if they use cuteness, you'll forgive them. It usually works too, that's the problem.

Adrian Flores says:

The 2 dogs in the beginning werent snitching lol

ะะฝะฒะฐั€ ะั‚ะฐะบะพะฒ says:


ricky garcha says:

These dogs need the be put down

John Gallentine says:

A lot of dogs get the s*** beat out of them for this kind of thing is so sad because they don't understand they're doing something wrong when they do it they just do it

John Gallentine says:

Dogs are incapable of knowing right from wrong I think they're just reacting to the body language and tone of their owners voice

Bat Man says:

So basically Dogs are Remorseful… and Cats donโ€™t care what they tear up.

Qamar Haq says:


Jermaine H says:

The German and pit breeds are very intelligent.

Billy Wright says:

The cats aren't regrettable, they just look at you like, "So what? What are you gonna do about it?"

Anamika Musical says:

This is bob ,๐Ÿ‘‡can you make bob 50years old???…….1 like =1 year old

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