Dogs vs Ghostface Scream PRANK : Funny Dog Reactions

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Dogs vs Ghostface Scream PRANK : Funny Dog Reactions
Watch funny dogs louie and marie get pranked by their owner when he puts on a ghostface costume and sprays on some scent away spray. This way the dogs don’t know it’s him and they go berserk!
Thx for watching see you next time.

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Clodagh O Hanlon says:

My sisters beagle hates me lol

Frances Henry says:

They know you馃惥馃惥馃惥馃挒馃挒馃挒馃ぃ馃ぃ

Bry Gamer08 says:

Y love beagle

Maria elena diduszyn says:

The knife with blood…..uuuhhh

Maria elena diduszyn says:

The Face of the ghost…auuuuuhhhh

Stephen Ksiazek says:

They 馃挅 you soooooo much! 馃悤

Elizabeth Meszaros says:

You think they don't know it's you?? Haha.
Marie is so cheeky, can't keep her out! Super Beagle can open doors. Mari
e says she took an I.Q.
test along with daddy.
Guess who scored higher?? Hint鈽 4 legs and a cute wet nose just right to be bopped! Louie & Marie I love you! 鈾♀櫋鈾

Thunder Bolt says:

Love your videos and your dogs

Mecinios says:

Hello Louie the Beagle馃惗

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