Dogs Reaction To The Invisible Challenge 2019 | Funny pets compilation | Dogs cling wrap challenge

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Cutest and Naughty Babies Compilation 2019 (1st)

Cute funny kids compilation 2019


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Blonde Rose says:

Lmao the thumbnail “see this shyt?” 😂😂😂

André Mor Morais says:

Eu nunca vi uma invenção tão idiota. Os cães percebem logo o plástico. Mente vazia realmente é um sério problema.

b ambika says:

0:38 Did anyone notice that that’s a cat?

pierre innocent says:

boy boy boy

You Are My Potato 89 says:

I loved those doggos at the end, they didn't give a fluff about the field, lol.

Team Purrfection says:

very nice video, I like the soundtrack :). Did this to my cat also, it was very funny

NickyL says:

Me. Wants to see Hoomans fall on their arses skipping over the cling film.

Kevin Uibu says:

0:37 Borkimus Meowicus

(Nice dog)

Jesus55 says:

Can you fucking stop putting those captions.
That’s not even what those pets are thinking either ways.

Never Down37 says:

Every person in this vid: Jumps over invisible wall


Bane The Shepherd says:

Dang it my Hooman took to long to upload my reaction to this challenge. I probably wouldve been in this video.

Amaracea says:

0:38 Don’t worry I was always taught this was called a “cat” too

Ian Mangham says:

Dog "Are ya fkn kiddin me,it's wrinkly as fck ya dumb mofo"

Townie 7177 says:

I was waiting for one of the humans to fall

Strength and Equilibrium says:

Bad idea. Next time they try to jump through a glass door.

gmunden1 says:

Bite all stupid humans for this!

Shoot First says:

The last one was a two-dog Flying Wedge.

sarajevo bih says:

0:47 what kind of dog is that bro?

Jay Jay says:

1:00 cat? More like mini lion

Isabella Barnes says:

Tippy teapot stop this demon wrappy

하루와 민트 [CAT & DOG] says:

It's so hilarious😁😁😂The two dogs express their confusion barking and howling😝😆

Blixer And Friends says:

Who Have Done This To Ur 🐶&🐱?

ComedyCosmos And More says:

1:04 these dogs are my favorite. And when they’re “Talking” it was funny😂❤️

The WHY DO I DO THIS?!?!? no u says:

0:38 "Funny dogs" I dont know if this is a dog..

Monroe Rice III says:

You'll have so much fun with your dog's

Yoko Jasnoch says:

More cats 😺 lol 2:25

Yoko Jasnoch says:

Me: reads title
Me again: why is there a cat? 0:39

Margherita Ibbalif says:

The last one is so funny

Mr Potential says:

Why does everyone add those stupid cringey words to their videos

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