Dogs bath reaction(funny)

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This is my wonderful dog Echo!… Who hates baths, and even the word B.A.T.H.. LOL.


M Redmond says:

Some of these comments are crazy! my dogs do the exact same thing after a bath! I dry them with the towel and let them loose! Like a bat out of hell he runs into every blanket, piece of soft furniture, and then i i put a towel on the floor for their final landing! lol its so funny. They will roll up in the towel and he loves it! It happens after every bath!

Purple guy loves fnaf says:

I don't know why dogs hate baths but they need it anyway

Purple guy loves fnaf says:

Cute doggies

M酶酶n_ P臈氓chie says:

On the 1st one I'm dying!!! this is too funny!!! oml FlirtilyGaming you are hilarious

Salty Melon says:

When I tell my dog let's take a bath he goes next to the bath, sits and wait. Maybe i got lucky or people can't control their dogs.

cuphead says:

What happened to ecos one eye??
It was like red at the white

velveetaslingshot says:

Ahhhh welcome to the year 2017….. when giving a dog a bath is met with accusations of torture.

Going_Inn DRY says:

what the hell is all that background noise?

mikel77 says:

So Echo rolled around in kaka and needs a bath, but he lays on the couch?

avogaster says:

Please, turn off the geiger counter…

BIG BOSS says:

What kind of dog責責

ThaSkully says:

Great video man! If you could watch some of my newest vids and maybe drop a sub that would be amazing! THANKS! 馃檪

A1sausie says:

Sound like an old printer!

Xavier Leon says:

q hermoso video

sam am says:

What if their allergic to what ever you used to wash? And its trying to get it off

b00ger901 says:

My dog hated baths, but she never acted as if they were a punishment. More as an extreme annoyance to her.

Richard Smith says:

I have a chihuahua rat terrier mix that look and act just like these guys. Sweet as can be, but she thinks she is bigger than she is when another dog annoys her 馃槢

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