Dogs and Cats Reaction to Smelling Durian Fun Videos Compilation P22

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Albert Lewis says:

Dog* and cats

마고리엄마고리엄 says:


Anne Corey says:

Cats hate durians very funny is cute sometimes they love it very much thank you for sharing your beautiful video love your video thanks

John Connor says:

comments are full of autistic haters.

Cee says:

Get rid of the damn music!!!!~

Mirac says:

Oh no..I clicked on a vine compilation. Now YouTube thinks I'm retarded and will be recommending me vine videos all week

Thatoneidiot says:

Sometimes I'd rather be deaf

icad yop says:

Why the cats when smell the durian they sweep the floor

fefed Kao says:

What an infantile edit..; you have made such nice videos to a fucking animated trash…

Buse Kal says:

What is food name

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