Dog Reaction to Magic Trick with Blanket – Funny Dog Reaction to Magic Trick Compilation

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The owners disappear with magic trick in front of the dog. This dog is in complete shock as it watches the owner disappeared by magic trick with a blanket. I challenge anyone watching this video to try not to laugh at this. This is the funniest and best video ever. It is funny and cute!

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Robert Shepherd says:

I wonder who the four people were that 'Disliked' this video. Nothing but love, smiles, laughs and cuteness. Maybe they could use a Care Bear Stare.

Candyfloss솜사탕 says:

so funny video

Nicol cardenas quispe says:

omay god cute WOW animals yes

Shelsea Isabella Imbiena says:

Ohhh so cute dogs hahhahaha 😍😍

TomJerry Taylor says:

scared dogs are so funny! we raise a doberman right now but never have seen such scaredy dobey ! hah

Manish Khamkar says:

Love you Animal

Addison Chou says:

Omg it’s soo cute!❤️❤️😭😭 thank u 4 posting this♥️

Sonic. Exe says:

Que gracioso 😂😂

Emilia Batista says:

Omg i love dog i have 100 dogs

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