Dog Reaction to Dog Food – Funny Dog Food Reaction Compilation

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The owners are putting dog food in front of a dog. The dog complete crave as it watches the owner putting food in front of it. I challenge anyone watching this video to try not to laugh when you see the dog reaction to dog food. This is the funniest and best video ever!

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Dr. Sankalp Angira says:

08:58 now throw your hand

Surya Lzner says:

Plzz dont cheat ur dogs


Proud Bisaya says:

what's the music title please? 6:59

Larsen Pritz Joaquino says:

His dogs need discipline (GR)

Yash Pradhan says:

can someone tell me the music at 0:22

janahfacal says:

Some dogs can learn skills by repeatedly doing it. So cute the slow motio reaction

• BTB says:

🤣🤣🤣when they look so devastated when they could have gotten the one with the most. Is priceless 😂😂😂

Albery says:

Да это тот самый русский комент который ты искал

박종근 says:


Joel Bustamante says:

The on at 1:20 I tried and meh dog likes it!

Ngng Ngng says:

😂🤣so funny 0!😂😂🤣

Juju 0721 says:

Omg the dogs eyes XD

sparkybalboaswing says:

what's wrong with that guy that let's his dogs take food away from him===NOT FUNNY==and he lets them eat pasta and pizza!! most of these episodes are stupid, or mean…a few are funny

Giulia Bertoni says:


gamer game says:

7:24 im crying😂😂

Thrin Pham says:

Those dogs are so cute!!!🤗🤗

rebeca colona says:

Todo por la comida en la ultima

Lu says:

5:43 dogs thieves 😂

Professional maker says:

Husky: help
His friend: one second coming coming 9:31

Brarzz 1234 says:

6 .18 what a tune

Magda Zakrzewska says:

Haha so cute and funny 😂❤👍

yubitza valverde says:

Que bonitos ,son mis animales favoritos😎🐶🐶

Klaudia casa z says:


Klaudia casa z says:

Que risaaaá

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