Bulldog Has Incredible Reaction To Actress In Trouble

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Khaleesi watches one of the classic scenes from Peter Jackson’s ‘King Kong’ in this high-energy clip.

Any suggestions on what she should watch next?


Zakari 7-ONE-1 says:

Lmao he only barks when kongs on screen

Fuhq Ewe says:

I have a strong feeling that this dog is on Team People.

daniel guth says:

the canine equivalent of..


love williams says:

The dog is racist.

erin lewis says:

Poor little fella will have nitemares watching this crap 💩

nomikes says:

Down boy! It's just a movie. Down boy!

zero x says:

An kong still whipped they ass.

YouYou says:

Humans : Spiderman, (Iron man, Superman)……is my hero
Dog : King Kong is my hero

Edie Beacon says:

he is so into this
rooting for king

Robert Lennon says:

Easy pup it's only a movie

Adam Hope says:

That dog has patience,i stopped watching that movie after 20 minutes.

BurgerKinng says:

He was on dinosaur’s side

Pratisha Barman says:


Mine Finder says:

He seems to hate King Kong more than the dinosaurs.

Kaka Sawant says:

Honestly, I thought He was going to lunge towards the TV.

Sushi God says:

He’s barking at King Kong because they resemble humans enough for the dog to get mad.
Humans probably posed a bigger issue to other humans than other animals did, so his barking instincts are going off

David Cameron says:

i laughed so hard….thank you.

syed ali says:

What team is he in ? 😂 Ape or dinos

Chris Adolf says:


Emily Norris says:

What a cutie!!

Suchismita Shunya Gupta says:

Things r getting really dangerous!

MarcusNgamminlen Mate says:

He's more concerned about the gorilla…screw the girl

ephraim alit says:

King kong face and the dog face are similar😂😂😂😂

Cymro 65 says:

I think that the dog has more a problem with King Kong ! 😂

Go pooch ! 👍😂

bako kang says:

The cute dog is more happy life than mine..

vivek sajwan says:

this dog is lucky than me, I'm watching on my smal phone and lucky dog on home projecter in a nice ambience

Melinda_Mindy S says:

such a passionate dog! much love ❤️

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