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You are watching the funniest Christmas video with animals! This is the most impossible try not to laugh challenge ever! Just look how all these cats and dogs react when they get a Christmas present! So ridiculous, funny and cute! What is your favorite clip? 🙂 Hope you like our compilation, please share it and SUBSCRIBE! Watch also our other videos!

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“Monkeys Spinning Monkeys” Kevin MacLeod (
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Bailey Ryan says:

Just a year ago, my dog opened her Christmas presents early while nobody was in the room.

Paul Reeves says:

Oh great vile nasty adults being cruel to pets.

Jake Nation65 says:

Freaking Thumbnail

gaelicsmile says:

I can't understand why people who have cats and dogs as part of their family find humor in making them nervous, afraid, and in physical danger. If you wouldn't do it to your small children then Stop doing it to your pets. What the #@%&!!! is wrong with you?!

Debra Jessen says:

And then people wonder why these dogs tear things up, or empty the trash all over the place🤔 This is confusing for the dogs🤨 Sometimes they are aloud to tear things other times they can’t🤪

Leah SweetStream says:

I got my 3 dogs a squeaker toy and a stuffed bunny for Christmas…. they broke it the next day.. Merry Christmas Everyone!

Tyler Chamberlain says:

If that horsehead Dog is not in this I’m gonna be pissed off

DubStepGirlND28 says:

I should have recorded my 2 dogs opening their presents this year (2018)

newyorktime says:

My dog loves to unwrap gifts. We get her christmas gifts every year. And theres not a bag she dont have her nosy nose into. Come home from store shes in it. Purse shes in it.

Russell Smith says:

turn the music down or OFF

James Anthony says:

Tormenting Your Pets: The Motion Picture!

AssassinMods says:

would have been better without the cats

Sally Armour says:

9:13 lol had to laugh he was happy he got a stick

anna etters says:

I hope all furbabies loved their gifts! My Chester knew instinctively that something had changed yeasterday, and was so excited I could barely get coffee. Our guests had never seen a dog open his presents, and one by one test them out, and afterwards putting them in a pile next to mine!
Merry Christmas and God bless all of you 2 legged parents of babies of fur, may each of you prosper in 2019.

tigergreg8 says:

The dog trying to pin the blame on the cat was awesome. Haha

Vina Waldren says:

so funny-the dog trying to blame the cat!

guinness77100 says:

:28. Do NOT touch my Alpo! What did I tell you smelly human? Oh… you wanna test my resolve?

Love that one….

Steve the country cook says:

I am an old man. If you all will pray maybe I can get a log cabin by a lake! I would have a special dog there. They won't let me have one in housing! So Sad, they bring so much company.

Camille McALoon says:
Not sure if it's invented yet.

Camille McALoon says:

The more aerobic shit your pets do will add more pain arthritis later in old age. Its best not to let your pets do aerobics. Twistin in air, jumping, cats will be impossible for that.

Crafting Crazy says:

Good job, this is your first video that has made me laugh

Anime NPC says:

I hope all you animal lovers out there have a awesome Christmas, Tet, Ramadan, and whatever else you may celebrate out there

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