What a silly haircut! Cute & funny dachshund dog video!

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Despite the fact that I am a dachshund, I have an outstanding fashion sense! And it just hurts me to look at my daddy when he mekr a ponytail with his haits! He believes that he looks so cool, but as for me, he just can’t put up with the fact that the 90s have already passed…
I hope you will love daddy’s new haircut and will enjoy my new funny and silly dachshund dog video!
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Paula Peterson-Warnock says:

So dang cute!!

Gabriela Desvaldi says:

🐕 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 👌

Таня Гугнарь says:

Не всегда есть время быть а интернете, но когда вас смотрю набираюсь позитива, вы мне вместо таблетка от стресса! Короче, вы классные и я вас 💚💚💚

L. corgi like says:

Sooooooo cute ❤ i love dogs 🐾❤🐾

GG Chiara says:

I want a dachschund and i think doxie din is so cute😍❤

Patrick Navoizat Dautricourt says:

J adoooooooore🤩🤗🙂💛💛💛🖤💛😞

Smart Plus says:


Lero Models says:


Dulci Nea says:

Din eres lo máximo!

7Я TV says:

крутое видео я тебя люблю мой щенок передаёот привет гав гав такса дин

Sonia Glez Flo says:

😂😂😂😂 Oooooh noooo!! What have you done Doxie Din??? Hahaha, wait till your dad wakes up!! Let's be honest, that was the best thing to doooo!! Hahahaha!! I'm still laughing!!😂😂😂🐶💞☺!!

Dog World says:

Doxie Din is too cute💕 Your videos are very funny and clever.

Marina Levit says:

Беги, Дин, беги!

Connie McFeely says:



Aaahhhhh haaaaaaaaa…he snipped his dad…😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😅🤣

丂卄卂Ҡ乇匚ㄖ千千乇乇 says:

Обожаю вас!у меня такая же такса,Джессика,ей 4 годика,а вашему Дину?)мне кажется,они смогут подружиться))

Groucho Marxist says:

Baby made the right decision.

Adrian Cajica says:

Din like always. Such funy and troll

loveit loveit says:

uh oh Doxie Din😳 you are gonna get in trouble, no more coffee, or bubble baths😖 better look into the hair club for men lol😂😂Love from your number one fan in Nevada 💕💓💕💓💓

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