Ultimate Funny And Cute Bull Terrier Dogs Videos – Best Funny Dog Vines 2016

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Ultimate Funny And Cute Bull Terrier Dogs Videos – Best Funny Dog Vines 2016
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LANstorm says:


Luơng Trường Hoàng says:

Top idk walter moments

Walter says:

I’m so beautiful. My radiance is extraordinary. I am walter

Maleficent & says:


Sean Johnson says:

Never trust an animal with a baby or child. That video made me turn away. They get jealous and want to climb the ladder of alpha male / female.

Zami zu says:

screq it, WALTER VID

Mr.Fear says:

Bow wow yippy yo yappy yey

hmmm yes says:

I like fire truck and moster truck

Роман Давыдов says:

Он осознает, что он прекрасен?!

Rage32 says:

Pigterrier 😀

Плохиш Плохиш says:

Бульки, это моя любовь!!!!!!!!!! Остальное, дырки!!!!!!!!

J O says:

Der Hund und das Beby 😲. Aber ab 1.14 Hund will Eierkraulen 😂.

Abby dragon 123 says:

My bull terrier attacks me but in a play full way and it hurts but i love her
I never realized I commented six months ago to

mightress says:

Bullyrun over the couches. Brilliant!!

Love them goofballs, we have two of them.

Zak Thanos says:

Lmbo so cute Chico 🇺🇸👌💎

Prof.Haterade says:

2:00 getting him sum 😉

Tree House says:

They are so cute.

Jimmy Hopkins says:

Why do they look like they have Down syndrome

Draco_ Oof films! says:

Ma maw ma ma

Jerry says:

waltet clements dog

Antje Schrey says:

Hey,was machst du mit dem Hund ? 🙂

rachel rachel says:

Very like bull terrier kind…but in my country..its very rare…cant see this kind

Aidan Nuñez says:

The cortez dog legendary

Xertaii says:

Only real memers are here for nelson the bull terrier

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