Ultimate Funniest And Cutest Golden Retriever Videos Compilation 2016 – Funny Dog Videos

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Ultimate Funniest And Cutest Golden Retriever Videos Compilation 2016 – Funny Dog Videos

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Dr ashwani sharma says:

Loo I live da siren one and da piano it's like it's expressing it's feeling

snow the goldy says:

My golden retriver also love to eat grass

Captain Obvious says:

My house is TRAAAAAAASHHHHH for not allowing these.

Jameszy12 says:

0:23 is honestly the best!!!!!

Tim Burr says:

I had a Golden Retriever once. She did something to make me laugh out loud almost every day.

Shark Byte09 says:

Omg so cute

Joam says:

Am I the only one watching this because I want to have a dog so bad but my parents won't let me? ๐Ÿ™ They're so cute ๐Ÿ™‚

subashekka says:

3:07 this is called overacting

Arun Gurung says:

im getting one in 2days for my daughters birthday cant wait to see the puppy

Satyanarayan Hegde says:

Sooooo cuteee

You Tube Uploads says:

374 people seriously put down thumbs>>>>>>>>>?????????????????????????? WOW human beings are FOOLS.

Jerry Langlois says:

God sent his only begotten son ? Yes, as a Golden Retriever.

Pink Unicorn says:

That howling one at the beginning is so talented

mustafa al falahi says:


oukamiyabi says:


Triever's World says:

Love the videos of golden retrievers. tfs

Vladimรญr Petija says:

0:45 The cutest puppy Ive seen in a good while!

Boraa ii says:

I have a golden retriever!im so lucky to have himโค๏ธโค๏ธโค๏ธhe is my best friend

Gerardo R Castellanos says:

Goldens,one of the greatest gifts to mankind.

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