Trick or Dog treat! Funny Halloween 2019 dachshund video!

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As you know, traditionally, we does not celebrate Halloween in Russia! But coz of globalization every year more and more people and dogs starting celebrate this holiday! And me too!
But my parents still can not understand and fall in love with Halloween as I do… I think it’s all because they are already very old… But maybe now in 2019, after we’ll celebrate it according all traditions, with spooky costumes and Jack O’Lanterns they will change their opinion? What do you think?
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Halo 1022 says:

Oh my gosh. I have been watching Crusoe and Oakley all these years and have been totally missing out on Din. Well Din you have a new American fan/subscriber as of today! Great job on decorating for Halloween and doing your 🎃

Максим Петрушин says:

Внесение больше .и где вы живёте

Squeaky Chicken HD says:

Trick or dog treat
I'll give doxie a dog treat for Halloween

From Hel says:

BTW Your towel arrived yesterday ("Longer is better") and it is such a smash. I love it to pieces just as I love you, King Din of all Dins! ❤️❤️❤️

DarkLorrd lol says:

0:41 like that face

MAKER Caligoli says:

Eres unos de los grandes youtubers mas geniales y divertidos te mereces 70 millones de subs el mejor de todos te queremos muchísimo.

Tiziana Scarso says:


claudia williams says:

Hi my little weiner dog passed away she looked like doxie din love your vidoes

渡辺ボス says:

こんばんは、カボチャがいっぱいありますね、わんちゃん可愛いですねまたよかったら遊びに来てください(✿´ ꒳ ` )

America First says:

I don't know who's making these videos but they are EXCELLENT !
Hope they keep coming !

teresa smith says:

Love the sweater.

Azriel Macias says:

#woloween is the best

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