Top 20 Funniest Dog Videos | This Is Why I Love Dogs #3

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Here is another round up of the best dog videos from the newsflar archive!

From hilarious to down right cute, we have a mix of it all.

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Ania Ania says:

awww the girl with the boxer puppy♡♡

GSM says:

16 is my fave!! Dog plays 'dead' because shs don't want her nails cut 🤣 14 was cute too

loveforeignaccents says:

No. 3 is too cute!

loveforeignaccents says:

No. 18 is sooo funny!

gabe 25 says:

# 2 The owner does a pretty good imitation, but not good enough. He also needs to learn how to video horizontally.

육아하는 똥이네 아빠, 세젤행복한 육아Vlog says:

It's soooo cute and lovelyvely.😁

Casey Toivenon says:

Hello from Australia! 🇦🇺 How do dog catchers get paid? A. By the pound!

Beck Ajiyev says:

i just ended the video nice

Comely Cities 4K says:

I pray who ever sees this be successful in life 💖❤️

Beck Ajiyev says:

second and im ugly

Thanh the Cat ;3 says:

First and so cute

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