The most biting dog! Funny dachshund video!

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Information that dachshunds are “the most biting dog breed” hyped in Russian Internet last week. Authoritative people told about it referring to statistics for many years…
Because of this, I having real problems. Neighbors are afraid to enter the elevator with me, passersby point a finger at me, and even my daddy began to fear me…
But this is very silly… There are no biting dog breeds, there are only bad owners!

P.S. Can you count how many clichés I use in this video? XD
I hope you enhoy my new funny dachshund dog video!
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cupcake go says:

He will never heart anyone not even cats!

Михаил Хроленок says:

Это сама агрессия, а не порода. Как кинеться… Как залижет до смерти ))) Хотя все и везде утверждают, что это не дружелюбная порода. Наша даже усцыкалась от радости =)

Ichigo Kurosaki and Katsuki Bakugou says:

He looks scary 😱

Ann says:


Dana O'dea Lang says:

Awww all doxies just lick you to death! My Connie is all mouth and no trousers, but she would never hurt anyone. But she is inclined to de-stuff her toys with enthusiasm 😂 love Dixie Din🥰

Luminita Zamfir says:

I try to not scary, ok ok! Its scary!

Sapphire secret Killer_unicorn says:

We're do you life Russia or canada?? Because I live veeeeeeeery far away from Russia and canada

Василий Кутелев says:

Дин , ты килер, залижешь до смерти.

Jade Stone says:

Hahaha. Guys that was so funny! I laughed out loud.

Adriana Maria says:


Sofia Soll says:

Kkk…adoro vcs💕

millie angie garcia favreau says:

Ja ja ja es super dibertido

Ricardo Jimenez says:

Reference to jaws tutuntutun

Earlene M says:

I love Doxie hey Doxie you are giving my kisses away LOL

Gianfranco Cappelli says:

Mwravigliosi bassotti!!!

Adrian vids says:

1:17 Doxie Din does a bark in slow motion this is funny

Danielle Shay says:

This is so cute! Do you know about Crusoe's videos? If not, you have to see them. Hi from Yukon Canada!

Mattia turbo says:

Mi fa paura

White Bear says:

You are a great director. A Doxie Din movie would be a hit!!!

Pat Waltersweart says:

Lol lol lol. My dog smiles at me too like that. It’s unnerving at first

Eliani Bertoletti says:

Din assustando seu pai 😁😁🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

Bhargawi Jha says:

Awwwwwww omg great acting but such a cute pawtastic ending awwww

Matei Soare says:


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