Super Happy Dogs | Funny Dog Video Compilation 2017

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From dogs jumping on trampolines, dogs jumping on other dogs, to dogs jumping into the water to fetch, these are just a few of the dogs getting high off the ground in this high dogs video compilation.

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Great Dane Jumping on the Trampoline
Puppy Attacks Bigger Dog
Dog Falls into Water Jumping for Toy
Dog Jumps Onto High Ledge
Dog Lands on Other Dog During Fetch
Dog Hops on Top of Other Dog in Pool
Dog Fetches Toy in Pool
Dog Tries to Jump through Glass Door
Dog Bounces on Trampoline
Dog Meditates after Bath
Dog Awkwardly Lays on Carpet
Golden Retriever After Anesthesia
Dog Bounces on Trampoline


Joshua Hollis says:

This was actually kind of lame : /

Connor Mclaren says:

Why do people dislike this?????????????

milfbabyy says:

i am bawling my eyes oht tysm for tbis lol

Davis Josef says:

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world of wonders Channel says:

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Crazycodplayerbe says:

1:35 That dog look like it’s been through some crazy stuff.

Zmaj od Nocaja says:

shit music = stop watching

sweet as sugar γ€ˆ3 says:

the two doges fell in love <<33

sweet as sugar γ€ˆ3 says:

bonce y dogo

sweet as sugar γ€ˆ3 says:

I watched this to cope with the loss of my beloved dog…It makes me feel better! πŸ™‚

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