Sherlock Bones vs. Bad Guy! Funny dachshund dog video!

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Great people surround me in life! My parents, relatives, friends, fans! But… I have one real enemy… He spoils my life for many years…
I don’t know who he is, I don’t know where he came from and I even don’t know why he did all of this… Coz of his lie they fired me from the bar, he deceived me many times, and most recently he stole my backpack with money… It’s impossible to recognize him! He changes his look all the time when going to deal…
Stop! Enough! This is my boiling point! There should be enough evidence in my videos to find him! I have to find this bad guy and deal with him by myself!
I hope you enhoy my new funny detective dachshund dog video!
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Jekill and Hyde says:

The best video yet 👏👏

Олег Алексеев says:


Tonya Olsen says:

Oh that is too sweet man… I love the cel phone calls that are made!!!!! Hope there is another episode coming…!

hejo 1000 says:

Hello plis next wideo

K i Suro B says:

Awwwww poor Din's Dad!!!! Police arrested THE WRONG Guy!!!!! ( NOT That IT happens often all over the WORLD… Right?) 😩😩😩😩

•ღKąmįchø_ ķůňღ• says:

Ña estoy ma luon ka

More Coming says:

Poor Din on the phone😭😅.

Eliane Bicalho says:

Ô meu amor ,que dó, cadê o papai meu anjinho,ñ chora ,eu te amo lindinho😍❤❤❤❤👏👏👏


I am laughing so hard when Mr Din talks to the lawyer…… funny and cute 🥰

T L D says:

Another awesome episode doxie Din, I enjoyed it very very very much. Can't wait to see your holiday ones coming up I'm sure you going to have some.

Nancy Hussey/Carter says:

You can’t take the law into your own hands 😂😂 Loved the ankle biting 😂 You are lucky you were not arrested too

Я люблю Дина says:

Вообще уже пиццы не дают поесть 🤣

Ivana Devcic says:

love dodir Din❤

Любимые мяу-гава симы says:

Хорошое видео и как всегда под конец, крутой поворот ! От нас 1 382 Л. !
Друзья, подскажите канал с животными может быть для просмотра детям или нет (по новым правилам Ют.?). Спасибо.

Trayla Lynn says:

Brilliant Doxie Din you and your dad are a susuperstars 👏👏👏

medusastudios says:

Hooray for Doxie Din!! Your videos are superb! The facial expressions, camera angles, Din's brilliant performances…reminds me of the classic silent films of the 1920's! Good job folks…and Din!

rebel scum says:

Part 2 coming soon yes?

c r says:

Din to the rescue! Go Din go!, save your Dad!

Jaydeep Singh says:

So cute video you are looking so cute

Иришка Шибаева says:

Дин смотря твои ролики понятно что ты из Англии или хотяб там где разговаривают на англизком но при этом ты общаешься с твоими русскими фанатами ты знаешь русский или используешь переводчик

Adella Rivas says:

Doxie😘😘😘😘😘I love your sweater,you pizza lover😂😂😂😂😂😂you go boy👍👍👍👍👍get it, get it, love your video👏👏👏👏👏

Ivana Devcic says:


MyTy Chavez says:

👊👊 yes lawyer up Din!!! You got this!!!! 👊👊

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