Rottweiler Puppy Compilation Cute and Funny Dog videos

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ted.s. ptak says:

Collin such a cuite vlog 😀

Jill Collins says:

PUPPY PILE..Rottie Love! 🙂

Michie I says:

Never get tired of looking at fluffy Rottweiler puppies! They are so awesomely cute – they're the best! Thanks for sharing!

Damorcare Damorcare says:

Awwww 💕💕💕👌🏽🥰

으라차차행복이-부계정 says:

The cute puppy is so lovely. ^^
I watched the video very well.
I will visit your channel often.
If there is a chance, I would like you to visit my channel once.

❤ Temptress ❤ says:

Aww, those little squeaky bubbies 😍

Sue Soukup says:

Beautiful video so so cute puppies💕 just love love when they are little and the smell I miss that


This video had me balling my eyes out
It made me think of my Fur Baby who I miss so much
It’s such a beautiful video. U did an a beautiful job on it
They’re precious sweet little Angel Puppies

Barbara Mccoy says:

Too cute I showed the video to my daughter Monica now she has became a subscriber ⭐️

laila jones says:

Gorgeous video- love it 💕❤️

Jennifer Lopez says:

Love them 🙏🏻

Jennifer Lopez says:

They grow up so fast too fast ❤️

Jennifer Lopez says:

We ❤️ our Rottweilers so much ❤️

Jennifer Lopez says:

Creatures of God Amazing breed 😍🙏🏻

Jennifer Lopez says:

Such a beautiful vid 😍

Big Boy Cochise says:

Rotty puppies ❤❤❤❤

Mohamed says:

Super like 👍
They are so adorable 🥰
Any advice on how to get one here in Saudi Arabia 🇸🇦?

Justice USA says:


Mojo Niro says:

So stinking cute. Love the puppy bellies and breath. 🥰

Nicholas St Louis says:


Alan M says:

They might grow up but they're still big babies.

Pooches World says:

They are so adorable and super cute! I'm lost for words. 😍

Adrian Bah says:

are you planning on breeding anytime soon?

brazi george says:

im going to get a rotty puppy 8weeks

Hazel Brownfield says:


Radar Puddles says:

Is it common for their tan markings to get darker almost reddish when they age ??? Shadows are. But she’s not pure breed. She’s narrower not as full round head. But whoever she came from bobbed her tail.

Peter Harper says:

So cute 😁

Collin Brackin says:


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