Pretending to Faint in Front of My Dog and Funny Dog Reacts

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Wing Lau says:

Bailey : Nah… I am not falling for it again. Are you done yet?

jerusha imran says:

Such a beautiful dog.❤️

Amithi Rana says:

Why comments disappeared in next video??😶

Jose Nikolaus Mella says:

Qué perrito más bonito y listo. Divertido

Sophia Duarte says:

Sweet Bailey. 💕🐶🐕

Marcia Lunzmann says:


Luciano Micchini says:

You underestimate the intelligence of Bayley🤣🤣🤣

Laura Restrepo 2 says:


payal datta says:

Bailey love you baby❤️❤️

Robert Charles says:

Bailey knows you're bullshiting him this is ridiculous

Richter Belmont says:

She knows whether you're in distress or not. Stop pointlessly testing your dog.

Planetary Queen Ruler of all Elements says:

Second attemp was great and i wonder why not the first time .

shelly moo says:

😂 Bailey is so funny. He laid down in the grass with you on the first attempt. I guess by the second one he was like I'm on to you.

Ana Brenes says:

Beautiful dog.👌👌❤

wobbly nostrils says:

When you laughed you sounded like a squeaky toy. Lol 😭😂😂😂😂

Rafael Parra says:

Bailey is a goofy playful dog but very smart. He knew that everything was fine☺️🙃🙂😊😉😀😃😆

judy eason says:

Hahahahahaha! It's not going to work. He knows.

diann desilva says:

Bales You are sooo Beautiful!!! 👻💋💋💋💋💋❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Deba Roy says:

bailey is getting very very fat. please control

Parkash kaur says:

I love you so much bailey from India Punjab patiala



Quickiest Unboxing says:

I love Bailey….. love from India… Bailey and his family please come to our home in Rajasthan India….. Bailey family most welcome

Magda Chriqui says:

El perro sabe perfectamente bien que tú no te desmayaste. Para él tú sólo estás jugando.

콩콩이는콩콩콩 says:

Don't play with me, you master!lol
Come see my poodle, too!

Para q o mal vença basta que os bons nada façam says:

Kkkkkkk ele nem ligou kkkkkk ele é um fofoooo…😍😍😍

Geetha Gattineni says:


gayatri Nayak says:

😀😀😀very funny & beautiful dog

Cena Joseph says:

Happiest dog on planet earth 😂❤

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