NINJA CATS vs DOGS – Who Wins?

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Funny brave cats and kitties vs dogs. What do you think who will win??
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Matt Peniel Paraiso says:

So funny😂😂☺

Nurul Hidayah says:

Cats are stealth
Dogs are assault

Shi Qiu says:

4:02 just crack me up every time

DeadmanDave says:

The dog in the first video is like, "Ow! What did you do that for?! …Asshole!"

Kamic J says:

5:15 has to be the funniest

John Baker says:

Cats get mad. But Dogs make it even.

Gametastic says:

I like them both

Keroro Platoon says:

Cats are pure evil

Lachlan Brockmiller says:

8:59 Where your ass been? Say goodnight!

NickM says:

Dog at the end barks rocky tune whilst being pummeled

Italy Vafee says:

They love animals more than humans something about there DNA

Aaron Ramer says:

Even cats know how yappy little dogs are

Palwasha Umerjawed says:

0:42 on this moment this cat new he done died

Тхаумсайрна Море says:

İ love the animals so much

Joseph Barboza says:

0:44 body slam

Ben Kaplan says:

i love THIS!!!!!!!!

Miklos Kovács says:

The 1100 pound cow must be rolled on her back

Reality Love says:

Dogs and cats have different fighting styles so I feel like a fight between the two could be anyone’s win

Hi Hi says:

0.49 when da cat shows its boxing skills

My name Is dead to me says:

The cat that got in my yard with my pitbull was not a ninja… or was a really shitty ninja because it got pulled apart while I was at work

Torres Boys n Mom says:

1:56 well I have my attack dog who eats force fields!

Torres Boys n Mom says:

1:28 I bet the cat is Like in edited high pitched voice get off me fatass!

Animal Pranking says:

Very nice all dogs

Samuel Fleischmann says:

2:14 dr phil having a heart to heart convo with the beast

Claudio Berrutti says:

7:30 Cat: how long do I have to be putting up with this hell…

Romanogers4ever says:

The last one was hilarious, it’s like without seeing the face the dog almost seems like prop that the cat is boxing with. Just ridiculous humor.

Sanni Mcgourty says:

Cats r not so silly

Sanni Mcgourty says:

Lets just watch cats kick dogs


6.12 is very funny

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