My Funny Dog is Jealous of Me for a Stuffed Toy Puppy of a Golden Retriever

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Hey guys! Today you will see a very funny video about how our dog Bailey is jealous of me to a stuffed toy puppy of a golden retriever. See this funny and unusual reaction of the dog. Leave your comments below this video!


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Funny Dog Bailey says:

Hey guys! Did you like the jealous dog Bailey video? See also the video of Bailey trying on different costumes

Maria Faccilongo says:

I love Bailey. ..I have no dogs.
I "mrealky thinking ro have one
B buuur I want Bailey

Mirosław Dokurno says:

You fools think it`s funny. No, it isn`t!

Mirosław Dokurno says:

It`s obviously a kind of torture You`re serving Your dog. Aren`t You ashamed?

Jonathan Yinon says:

Bailey is like "play with me!" Me!! Me!!!

Jimi Helms says:

Too funny!!!

Daniel Tan says:

How did it grow to 9.5 M views

Daniel Costa says:

Abonnieren in mein Kanal YouTube

RIN VIK says:

the dog is jealous

Rosângela Gomes says:


Dedonja says:

Those cute eyes…i just want to kiss them

Neha Prasad says:

Ah poor, sad doggie 😭

Chemy GS says:

This make me laugh and happy

Margô Bezerra says:

E muito fofo

A Russell says:

When both owner and doggie are equally cute 💗

maria amelia franco says:


Santina Silva says:


D DA says:

You know, I don’t like how you treat Bailey and laugh at his discomfort. Please stop aggravating this innocent animal. What’s wrong with you?

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