My Funny Dog is Jealous of Me for a Cute Rabbit

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Hey guys! Today you will see a very funny video about how our dog Bailey is jealous of me to a cute rabbit Sam! See this funny and unusual reaction of the dog. Be sure to subscribe, make sure to enable ALL push notifications! 🔔and leave your comments under this video!


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Alexa martin says:

Awww cute Bailey♥️

Kailash Kanade says:

For your utube subscription ur hurting him

Pingili Punnamchander says:

Ur A Cutest dog in the world baily babyy🥰😘

Gemelli says:

che tenerezza sembra il fratello maggiore geloso del nuovo arrivato😂😙😙😙😙

Arlene Cerron says:


Šįm Ķąý says:

Wanna give a hug to Bailey…💋

abilash chandra says:

The first time I dislike your video…Don't hurt bailey even for fun…Its not that fun

Elsa Alama says:

Por favor no lo hagas sufrir 😪 sufro yo también

Sidney Jr says:

Gente que dó…

firedrago0115 says:

Too long the torture 🤨

Gloria says:

Que dueño tan pendejo, ojalá otro hombre viniera a abrazar a su esposa haber si le gustaría!!! Los animales tienen sentimientos, eso se llama violencia emocional.

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