My dog broke a glass of milk||funny dog videos||rottweiler dog.

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Today’s video shows the relationship between a dog and an owner.In this video of today I am going to tell about the story of Anshu and Jerry emotional love will get to see a video related to the training of Rottweiler in a fun way.Rottweiler is a very good family and guard dog or you can speak This is a very good protection dog, but the rottweiler needs dog training.My dog ​​Jerry is a rottweiler, but he is a very good family dog ​​as well as a very good guard dog. Due to too much misinformation about rottweiler he is afraid to follow it, but it is not so. If training the rot violar, it proves to be a very good family and protection dog
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Pawan Kumar Singh says:

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Sudipta Mandal says:

Soo funny 😂😂 Jerry's bad habbiit 😂😂

Shreya Ud says:

Oh noty jerry

Balraj Sran says:

Milk is slow poison for dog's


Your dog is omnivores or carnivores
Please tell

Moran nasri says:

You the best, want to be youtube friends?

Anushree Sreekutty says:

Pls dog ko mat maro

vandana ahlawat says:

I have a rott he is also good trained dog his name is alex

Sattobrata Mittra says:

Wah bhai wah, kitna sarif kutta hai.😄😀😁


Aapke dog ki breed kosi hai bhaiya

Riyaz Khan says:

Hi Jerry. I am frome the UP my dog name also Jerry but he his German shepherd he was playing with me daily but he is dead so I am very sad to his dead but my moom say to no more dog but I will watching your videos ok bye bye

ഗഫൂർ, കാ ദോസ്ത്; Ksa says:

മലയാളികൾ ആരും ഇവിടെ

indian coc fever says:

Bhai me bhi gwalior rheta hoon mujhe bhi is quality ka rott. Konse kannel se lia tumne ?

Beena Bantawa says:

Jery is rally honest,

sweta rani says:

I have Rottweiler puppy if any one want then contact me throw Instagram 🐾🙂
My id (sweta5054)

Sanjeev Kumar EG says:

So funny 🤣 when he is doing sit -up so

Lalramnghaka Matea says:

❤️so cute ❤️ jerry

Ci Ci says:

Haha… so funny

Ram Tandel says:

Ye rottweiler kis country ka he?🙄🙄🙄🙄 Please reply.

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