Max Brings Out Puppy Eyes 🥺Asking For Brothers Food (Funny Dog Videos)

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So max loves to eat like all labs and its always so fun to see his reaction whenever some one is eating their food in the house, he goes up to them and demands tax specially if they food item is his fav eggs. He just loves eggs, eats them daily without fail and if you delay by even s min he will surely remind you that its time for him to eat.

#dogreacts #hungrylabrador

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Max harness :


Max born on 1st January suddenly became an important part of the family, so this video is just to show a glimpse of his life.

He is now the most pampered family member.

He has a very simple motto – ” lick the people you love, wag your tail every time you see them, stay as close to the family as possible, eat as much as given to you and even beg for more, take their stuff so that they chase you, never bark on strangers and basically just live the moment”.

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sushmita sanyal says:

Max is soo sweet….just like my Boy Lemmy❤️❤️❤️

Preeti S says:

Now we know Max’s second favorite person in house —-video bhaiya! He shares his egg with Max. 😃 🐶❤️

sonil mandpe says:

Anda pehle Aaya tha ya murgi?
Max:- whatever you serve first dude😂😂😂😂

Sanjay Bokil says:


Sanjay Bokil says:


Rajeev Paul says:

MAX, cheen ke le le saare eggs 🤣🤣🤣

Super Tofu the labrador says:

Sir only tell me what background music you use please max

Google User says:

Max is looking sad…. anyone else noticed that or it's only me🙄

Vlogs by Kamya & Dhruvin says:

That's what my Labrador does.
Superb supermax and his emotional atyachar😍😍
Dogs have innocent eyes.
That's why I love them

Surendra Prasad says:

Omg its such a cute dog

IOGB says:

Indian version of tucker (The golden retriever)

ᴀʀyᴀɴ says:

Sir plz reply how u train max very well plz say sir😍😍😇

Tulip Rana says:

Seriously I got addiction to max how gentle is he

Kanishka Reddy says:

His look was so pleasing!🤗

Karishma Sequeira says:

Love you 😘💞🤗 Maxi

Florence says:

I love you Max. You’re such a lovely and good boy 🥰❤🐕🌸

Mrinal Sood says:

I love max , I have the same dog but it is a bitch and her name is brownie

Tommy Greene says:

"Doesn't matter, i ate both." 😂

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