Hottest Dogs | Funny Dog Video Compilation 2017

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From dogs keeping cool running around the sprinklers, dogs jumping and swimming in the pool, to dogs going crazy over the garden hose, these are just a few of the hottest dogs trying to stay cool in this hottest dogs video compilation.

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Original Links:
Dog Loves Hot Tub Jets
Golden Retriever Keeps Cool in Sprinkler
Three-Legged Pump Hops into Pool
Dogs Lounge in Pool
Dog Loves Personal Water Fountain
Toddler Hoses Down Herself and the Family Dog
Dog Lays down in Front of Fan
Poodle Shakes Himself Dry after Playing in Sprinkler
Dog Hops on Top of Other Dog in Pool
Tiny Dog Paddles Above Water
Yellow Labrador Fills Up Kiddie Pool with Water
Dog Goes Crazy for the Garden Hose


Maming Story says:

Very cute you dog….support

Lillie cloud says:

1:06 get a dog to fill up your pool no extra charge (go free with a 3 or old child)
Cheesy line coming up
judge the deed the the breed๐Ÿ˜‰

Allison Hunter says:

5:10 looks like a kitten kneading blankets lol

Sashka D says:


Anna Brewer says:

2:26 a wooly jumper or a dog?

Anna Brewer says:

0:32 what I would give for 5 golden retrievers

Dog love says:

perfectly titled! good job.

Comos Creatura says:

Such a cutie and awesome pets

Matches_Malone says:

If the first dog is supposed to be hot, why is he in a hot tub?

BlueWolf says:

( the part when the dogs jump on the other dog in water ) dog 1 hey that's mine! dog 2 no swims takes it dog 1 jumps on other dog dog 2 terrified

Jennifer Hebert says:

awesome loved it

Flurry Aboran says:

Wow look at all those


J3llytube says:

To the Chihuahua owner. Cut your toenails. Gross!

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