GUILTY DOG! Funny Golden Retriever Destroyed His Toy!

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The guilty golden retriever, no matter what, destroys his toy! Be sure to subscribe, make sure to enable ALL push notifications! 🔔and leave your comments under this video!


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Santwana Tewary says:

Loved the way he took the toy and started playing it apart 🤣
So sweet Bailey 💝

Claudia Alves says:

Meu coração não suporta tanta fofura não gente 💞💞

Estela Graña says:


Shankar_ Shankar says:

Come to India ,you'll be received by 1000s atleast at airport😁

Vimla Garimella says:

Bailey bigda bachha !!!

monika singh says:

Love Bailey

Masky 1452 says:

Hay ternurita, se sintió culpable en el primer momento pero en el segundo no le importó el regaño, amo su cinismo, eres bello bailey, eres un desastre, pobre gallinita : )

Bellchen45 says:

This is so cute! My love to all animals on earth!😍😍😍

you're Angel says:


Partho Sarathi says:

Come mama let me tear the other leg too..

Birds Charm says:

Oh Naughty belly what did it

Claribel Jimenez says:

Jajaja le realizó la necrosia

켄신 says:

Bailey: So what?

Pasha says:

loot at that face, so cutee

K. Yoshida says:

Bailey looks so happy. I also look happy.
Let's go to have a nice day😍

c1n9r6v3 says:

▓▒░  So,  why  didn't  you  

slap  him  with  it ?


 L.O.L. `  ☻

I'm  kidding.

Always  allow  your  Golden  Retrievers

to  do  as  they  please.

That  way,  you  will  remind  yourselves

how  great  your  life  is.   ░▒▓


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