Grouchy Dogs | Funny Dogs Video Compilation 2017

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From dogs annoyed with other dogs, grumpy dogs not wanting to get out of bed, to dogs talking back to their owners, these are just a few of the grouchy dogs you’ll find in this grouchy dogs video compilation.

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Puppy Sad when Dog Steals Her Bone
Husky Says “No” to Kennel
Husky Back Talks Mother
Black Cat Annoys Comfortable Dog
Dog Barks at Dog to Shut Up
Owner Tries to Take Away Dog Toy
Big Dog Shows Annoying Puppy Who’s Boss
Dog Cries for Attention
Screaming Dog is Confused
Talking Chihuahua Puppy
Dog Doesn’t Want to Get out of Bed


shells says:

huskies are dramatic asf πŸ˜‚

Bored Af says:

2:05 Cats are such little shits. Hate them so much

SodaMan 2000 says:

4:55 it literally sounds like "I want to go outside"

I nobodycaresanyway says:

Baby bulldog: dad I'm tired!

Big bulldog: now son, you need to be clean!

Baby bulldog: ok, but I'm not going to be awake for it

Big bulldog: now, stay still or your grounded

Baby bulldog: falls on the cushion

Big bulldog: face of dissapointment

Simran Subbha says:

That dog has beard

Taco Kitty says:

That last dog was the cutest pupper EVER I want five

Elizabeth Spring says:

0:54 literally me when my sister wakes me up for school

jntj says:


Nora Sammons says:

0:44 me on mondays

Ghosthunter 1749 says:

0:54 That freaking looks like my neighbors dog

Jeremiah does Art says:

3:52. IS THAT Chewbacca in dog form

Jeremiah does Art says:

3:25 how that might look cute but that can is trying to kill that dog as you can see the cat is going for the dog jugular as a cat would if it was a wild cat because that is how they would take down their pray

Paranormal PI says:

Bwahahaha awesome. Huskies are so vocal, it's hilarious.

Itz Leo says:

3:57 Chewbacca? is it u?

Troy Bowman says:

back talker
hey look here

Troy Bowman says:

And the dog said to the cat
im not here for your shit today cat go away

Alicia Westfall says:

3:51 That's just the sound of me waking up from deep sleep. 😴

π’₯π‘œπ“‡π‘”π‘’ says:

3:55 StarWars? :v

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