Good Boy Golden Retrievers | Funny Dog Video Compilation 2017

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From golden retrievers swinging in hammocks, golden retrievers confused by inanimate objects, to golden retrievers getting a face massage, these are just a few of the golden retrievers you’ll find in this good boy golden retriever compilation.

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Puppy Swings in Hammock
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Golden Retriever Participates in Workout Class
Puppy Freaks Out Over Lint Roller
Golden Retriever Wants to Play but Friend is Too Tired
Puppy High Fives Himself in the Mirror
Dog Gets Face Massage
Puppy Confused with Tablet Game


berberbyheart says:

0:39 😂 I want the same dog so much!!

bobbytodd says:

We dont deserve dogs

Josh Paul says:

NO Mom! This is my dang thing

Ajob Khbor says:

Good boys😊🤗🤗

Blue Lick says:

Dogs love baby pacifier? Got to do some research on that.

Steve Carras says:

At our local dog park, I got next to a typical frtisky golden retriever and became friends..very funny pupper.

bob smith says:

I'm glad that depressed/suicidal/impoverished Chinese children could hate their lives building an iPad for a fxcking dog to jump on and scratch….

And my first dog I adopted myself was a golden, so keep that in mind…but that shxt is disgraceful

Confused person With a cat profile picture. says:

Some are not good boys because some are good girls.

Alex Vmen says:

Goldies are so adorable

marthajf73 says:

Hey ! I'm sure there are good girls too.

Chicken Draws Dogs says:

(seeing their own reflections)
Cat: (claws at it and dashes away for no reason)
Golden Retriever: "Almost got it. Oh, no got it. Almost got it. Oh, better try again…"

living failure says:

not all dogs are good boys

some are good girls

ccdog888 YT says:

Not all dogs are good boys.


They are good girls.

Jordin Anderson says:

The binky got me

Shaikh says:

That's not funny, al ri8.


Saurav Barman says:

0:38 when u are not qualified for the job but u apply anyway.

Logical Overdrive says:

Look at these best bois.

Victor Lisovski says:

The best of all boys

DancingBlueMLBCatGamer0817 says:

this is why I love dogs

EducatedAppleGod says:

they are very good boys

Chad says:

The goodest good boys

SSS says:

@00:20 me when she wants to climax again and again..

H q l l x says:


MaudernArt says:

We had to put both of our babies down within the last month, I miss them so much 😭

Zoie says:

I want a golden we had one before but he had like separation anxiety and chewed his cage until his teeth fell out literally. He would tear up stuff too. My mom doesn't want another one like him xD. My dog we have now is part chihuahua and we don't want to ruin how much of a good boy he is by getting another dog

Aditi Singh says:


Leen says:

I started to burst laugh and I almost choked at 0:38

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