Funny Vizsla Dogs Moments #1 – Cute Dog Video Compilation

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▮Video: Funny Vizsla Dogs Moments #1 – Cute Dog Video Compilation
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Gaming Goat says:

Im from the country where vizsla is from
Edit: I screwed up a word

Allison Casella says:

Look up the YouTube channel #allison Casella

Allison Casella says:


Joel channel says:

Have a hungarian vizsla,it's very funny he's name is Iván(Ivan)

CuteDog LilAngel says:

Very very very cute ❤️💋💕👍 TRY not to say AWW or cuteeee.

Zekebeans 6 says:

My vizsla sometimes digs a hole and then sticks her entire head and neck down it

Rubythe_ unicorn says:

omg i have a vizsla called vinny he is super funny

stormvogel6 says:

Leuke hond, behalve bij die vogeltjes!!

I have So much lol dolls says:

Best video ever:)

Matthew Wrenn says:

I have a 5 and a half month old visla and we are in the car riding home from a 8 hour car ride

After a little while the puppy just wants to play and u cant because we don’t have enough room to play

Jeff Randell says:

Had a vizsla. Totally appreciate every scene in this video. So true.

Frances Blevins says:

9:38, I thought my vizsla/dog was the only one who did that w his paw! He also bites his leg and growls when I touch his stomach

Aftyn Hanna says:

Is it just my Vizla or do they all love to sleep under blankets and “talk” /rooo in the morning

Kelly Gregory says:

Watching this and thinking… Yeah they do that 😂

K Mac says:

We've had Ginger for 5 years now. We've had lots of wonderful dogs from Shepherds to Spitz but this Vizsla is almost indescribable. The personality, energy and playfulness is only outdone by her intelligence. Those are some smart doggies !

Renee Marie says:

I love my Vizsla more than life itself. They are super active with a beautiful and lean body. But the V at 10:36 is way, way too thin in my opinion. Yikes.

Daniela Haviv says:

good job! great dog video!!!!

Zöld Tea says:

Best Hungarian dog! <3 Szeretem a Vizslákat! 🙂

1967250s says:

Just rescued an 11 year old boy, so sweet, our 4th V.

miniBoccaKing178 says:

I have a viszla they’re so cute

Drew Cason says:

Earlier today my vizsla passed away due to liver cancer. To help me cope with losing Gracie I’ve just been watching these videos which definitely have helped. Thank you

KingKitKat Productions says:

I have a Hungarian Vizsla called Bruno and he is lying next to me right now.

Chilli Pepper Dog says:

Who couldn't love this breed?! They're always entertaining 😀

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