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More information about this breed:
Funny Rotties! Enjoy 10 minutes of funny and cute rottweiler dogs!

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Jacob Harris says:


Moon Light says:

they all sound like Chewbacca

Basha yt says:

Miss you ceena bye bye …………

Basha yt says:

Rottweiler is not dangerous just treat them nice and they will give it back….

Basha yt says:

Our ceena is always a good girl… rip

tasha 111 says:

Aww!!! Rottie tails are the best😍 πŸ€—πŸ’•πŸ’―

Eric S says:

World's best breed.

J. Ewert says:

3:40 this wasn't fun anymore.

J. Ewert says:

3:40 this wasn't fun anymore.

Mitch Hightower says:

They seem like happy go lucky assholes and as an asshole i appreciate this

Sophia And adrianna says:

I have 4 Rottweilers

Vern VanDam says:

Rotties with tails look kinda weird. But to each his own. Best dogs in the world.

jliscorpio says:

1:56 Oh gosh my Rotties pretty small too!

Inside The Dog-World says:

When instincts goes wrong rather πŸ˜…

george gerrard says:

These were known as the dangerous dogs before pit bulls. But I grew up with them and they were the biggest sweethearts ever. All dogs can be, just how you raise and treat them

Ne Ko says:

I had a rottie when I was about four, that was like 12 years ago and he was such a good doggo. We had a tiny farm with a few chickens and bunnies and we'd have to repair our fence every now and then cause he even loved the chicks from our neighbor and broke the fence so they could all have a party πŸ˜€

oh sangwoo says:

I have a rottie and he is the biggest peice of shit nd when I'm downstairs he will take something off the coffee table and ten run round the island in the kitchen with me chasing him WHILE HE IS SMILING I really wanna beat his ass sometimes

Stars _ says:

Super cute and sweet dogs but their IQ is a little on the downside…πŸ˜‚

shelley6473 says:

And don’t be a cunt and get they’re tails docked.

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