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Funny and cute pitbull dog compilation – The best of funny moments with adorable pitbull dogs. Enjoy 10 minutes of funny and adorable pitbulls!
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Danielle Blue says:

1:44 cmon guys wtf is that.

afenismama says:

I've been blessed to own 3 rescued pit bulls in my lifetime💖

Ryan Halien says:

4:36 O M G what a stinkin CUTIE! That’s such an adorable doggo!

giorgi talikadze says:

1:45 – You're an idiot.

Ryan Lauer says:

Omg my pit mix does that 6:10 lol

Leo Peridot says:

These kinds of videos are very misleading. Of course YT will only show docile pitbulls with kids. They're not going to let you watch a dog mauling a kid or attacking strangers and other animals.

People who use the dogs are like guns excuse. Both can be used for good and bad. Well, problem is there's too many stupid morons that have access to both.

CyberWolfWrites says:

My pitbull pretends she hates my cats but you can find her cuddling with them occasionally.

Miss k says:

sweetest dogs i have 2 and they are so lovable

JAZO C says:

A lot of these dogs isn’t even pit bulls

Rachael Thomas says:

Why is he growling at himself in the mirror. Silly pittie

Anna da otaku says:

“Oh nooooo they are going to eaaaaaattt meeeeee oooohhhhh nooooo….”
(If it wasn’t obvious, that was sarcasm I myself have a pit bull)

tykno synto says:

michto garcon j'aurai pu faire ce son !!!T'as pris le meme chemin bourbeu que moi Praloo ,ca aurait pu etre mes mots seigneur…..Kouni??????Tu me ressembles énormement pr avoir ces mots /barodevel

Desi Avenger says:

The single dog @7:10, is it a Pitbull? I don't think so? 🤔

Рита Ломоносова says:

сейчас я посмотрела самое лучшее что есть в этой жизни

Christine Bram says:

Proofs that pitbulls are killers, beetle Killers ha-ha. Best dogs ever. My pitbull girl loves everybody, humans and animals

ChronicleKing says:

pits are so dangerous and aggressive, just look how that first one growled at himself in the mirror…then barked and scared him self away because he wasn't ready for the confrontation

Mileena Garcia says:

At 2:353:00 what does baby pick up

fairday2 says:

Now I wonder if my dog is part pit bull. Hmmmm.

Woody 5326 says:

But but but wait!?!? All these self appointed dog experts say all pitbulls are dangerous and shouldn't be around children!?!? Bit they're experts, how can this video exist!?! 😒

Fernando Lozano Reyes says:

6:07 mine does exactly the same thing <3

Wigglyjiggly says:

OMG did you see that “cage fight”?! That pitbull was sooooo “viscous”! Said no one ever, except for anoying karens.

Tetsu Hatano says:

The way that pit bull was looking at that baby was like “what are you in here for?”

vladimir valenzuela says:

Amime gustan los perros pitbul

Juan Elorriaga says:

Haha kid is sitting in the cage with the pit chilling too funny

Black Siren says:

im so scared of pitbulls. they attack you with kisses and cuddles 🥰🥰🥰

Terry Holland says:

IDK why pitbulls get the bum wrap. Don't people look at the people that making them bad?

David Maccormack says:

I don't use pubs that ain't dog friendly and l'm an alcoholic, well 1/2 lrish/Scottish what u expect?

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