Funny Dogs Vs Stairs – Funny Dog Videos 2017

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Funny Dogs Vs Stairs – Funny Dog Videos 2017


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Xx*Potato*xX says:

0:24 was not funny he/she could have gotten hurt 🙁

Regan H says:

Uh, bro…..maybe try and stop them from falling to their doom?!?!

Dutch Van Der Linde says:

1:56 when the feds tryna to search my house

kennedy says:

this music is very nostalgic

Dee_xx says:

Who is the effing moron who wanted to film a vulnerable puppy instead of attending to it and teaching it to climb stairs? Psycho.

Jodan Berry says:

Husky and pug weren't funny tho.. I would have been so worried if that happened :/

BraeBrae says:

Cover of the video 0:33

Random crust Animations says:

2:24 when mom brings McDonalds

CattyMouse says:

1:16 🤣👍

Josh Kayin says:

0:45 dogs were not that obese 100 years ago

Robloxsome says:

Video: plays happy music

Shanda Johnson says:

These kinda videos are good for when your sad

Venus Alien says:

Good thing I got a carpet to help not slip……

The corgi that I want to get so badly one day

don't read this says:

I was thinking my dog was to smart to climb stuff like stairs without failing but he just failed to get onto my bed three times in a row

Albert Alexandru Velea says:

1:14 OMG 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

Ericka Buford says:

am I watching Sonic the doghog

Zionne Makoma says:

I have found updog

Imyourenjell ImyourhopeJhope says:

That corgi touched my heart… BIG FLUFF~!😍

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