Funny Dogs vs Chucky from Child's Play PRANK!

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Chucky is BACK! Evil Chucky from Child’s Play is back in human form and wants to attack cute and funny beagle dogs Louie & Marie. But these dogs fight back. Chucky tries to take them out with knives and a saw but ends up hitting his toe against the door and ends up in a bad spot to fight these dogs.

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Paw Paw says:

OMG, I am looking forward to today's video, the previous videos are great, I really like your videos, how can you make such good videos, I really admire that. If possible you could drop by my channel and give me some advice, I will thank you for that !!!

SarahForeshadow13 says:

2:15 Marie’s like “you’ve lost your machete privileges”

spacewurm says:

You need to get a friend or coworker to play Chucky. Your dogs will bark and maybe attack since they wont know fake intruders scent.

Elizabeth Meszaros says:

Please no more reruns! Some new ideas, please!

Marta Freitas says:

👏👏👋👋👍🐕🐾 Marie Louie

Bruna de Souza Moulin says:

While we see Chucky,
The beagles smell : "we love you daddy❤️. Let's play!" 😻😻

Miss P says:

😂😂😂😂😂😂 so funny .

Wolfygang -3- says:


Lara Rosita says:

Pobrecito Chucky.
Los perritos le quitaban las armas. Pero las armas eran de juguete.
Por lo menos jugaron con Chucky y se lo pasaron bien.

ミニチュアダックスフンドのさすけ says:

So funny🥰

TotoTV says:

🤣😂 Louie and Marie are too smart to fall for that! Yeah take his shoes and socks and then call the police 😜 Lovely video!

anna Lewis says:


Astrid Muñoz says:

Aww, they are so cute

Blued says:

The thumb nail XD

Carla Edwards says:

Aww, they are so cute

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