Funny dogs vs Blue Monkey Prank : Funny Dogs Louie & Marie

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Watch funny beagle dogs Louie and Marie take on this blue monkey as he wonders into our house looking for a snack to eat. But when searching for his favorite banana food the monkey is really annoying towards these cute dogs and they think it’s time to put this blue monkey into his place before the blue monkey goes totally bananas.
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0:41 💞🔥💃

Charlie The Beagle says:

Your beagles have too much fun with you😊

Lisa Ford says:


Audrey Hrynkiw says:

Louie is so smart and Marie so courageous.

Frances Henry says:


anna foxie Lewis says:


Jay Joza says:

Que voñitosss 😘🇪🇨🇪🇨♥️🥰😍🤩😝😛

빙글비글 says:

Del Monte Banana 🍌❤️

Flor The Frenchie says:

Cute ❤️

Elizabeth Meszaros says:

So who's a monkey's uncle now?? Marie is a fierce badass Beagle chick! She got that banana in 2 seconds and deflated it. Louie took a look at the banana and ran away.
Another great chapter in the beagle chronicles! Love you two cuties! ♡♡♡

Jack Ford says:

so cute😊😊😊😊

Yoonarysm says:

Louie is..

As cute as me!!! 😊❤️

Stephen Ksiazek says:

🍌🍌🍌🐕 👍💟

Maciek Gała says:

Super great video. Love your channel.🤗

Camelia Cuc says:

Soooooo cute

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