Funny Dogs Videos Sitting On Cats Face – Funny Cats

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Funny Dogs Videos Sitting On Cats Face – Funny Cats
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Valentino de Roblox says:

My questions is

¿They want to drown the cat with poop?

Dennis Wolf Cyclist says:

That first laugh tbh, that was an amazing laugh.
Should I smoke more cigarettes to get that laugh?
Or should I practice on wheezing instead?

Liana Soares says:

The person’s laugh in the beginning. 😆🤣😂😅

A. Jones says:

This is how a dog or cat shows dominance over the other dog or cat. There's only room for one Alpha in each household.

whizz1der says:

Shouldn't this be the other way around?

Sj McGue says:

Showing dominance

Lover Of Emmi vlogs says:

The first one I send to my friend an he said hahhahahhahahahhahahahah

Siren Head says:

Why did u have the music on

Patrick Maruniak says:

Whoever label this video labeled it wrong some of these clips the cat is sitting on the dog and some of these dogs aren't actually sitting on cats

Sunny Fox says:

0:58 This is what you get for stealing my bed

WeeScorpion16 Gaming Comedy and More says:

Imagine the dog ate beans i bet the cats would be mad if the dog passed gas

Galaxy PugGirl says:

Poor cats ☹️☹️

Jack [Air Andes] says:


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