Funny DOGS showing EMOTIONS and other FUNNY DOG VIDEOS!

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Mad, sad or happy – they are always FUNNY and CUTE. All the adorable faces and expressions they make, when showing EMOTIONS – Funny and cute dog videos will cheer you up and make you laugh no matter what! Funny dog videos are the best entertainment! Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE for more videos!

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Cindy Driver says:

That turtle is fast!

Stareye_ says:

Fuck cats, dogs is where its at.

kjut kuΕΎa says:

awesome video, thank you🧑🐢

jen washere says:

0:49 is sooo cute..I love watching interactions between kid's & there animals it makes my day "Thank you"😘

NAworlddd says:

So funny πŸ•πŸ•πŸ•

TOP 1 in everything says:

Very beautiful video β€πŸ•β€

moon glow says:

Love your channel. You always have the best videos showcasing animals in funny situations ‼️

The Catmother says:

2:00 I regret nothing

Quan Can Cook says:


blackquiver says:

More vids cause we all in side

はきだめチャンネル says:

It's a very cute videoπŸ‘

James C says:


Abu Huraira says:

Dogs are like that
I guess, they know
How to fix you
Without even saying a word

imposible arch says:

Funny dogs with their owners

Bobby The Cat says:

No, your not second. Don’t even try to say it.
Edit: hey tiger can you please not put an intro in 2:30 into the video. Thanks!

Sonja`sWonderfullWorldOfMusic says:

Hallo Herr Mann

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