FUNNY Dogs Run Into the Glass Door | Dogs Don't Know Glasses

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FUNNY Dogs Run Into the Glass Door | Dogs Don’t Know Glasses
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Tank The Hedgehog 105 says:

1:46 Doggo: WHAT?! But How…

King Of the jungle says:

This is hard to escape If big cat attack they will still think that door must close

Carissa Cowan says:

Ppl say dogs are smart.Lmao


I dont Think this is funny! Dog can Seriously Hurt

Claudio Salas says:

Annoying generic laugh tracks

karthik s says:

Rhis is such a mean vusei. Sog vision is poor

toma nic says:

The music makes it not funny because its so upbeat and ive heard it i litterally every youtube vid made since this music was released

Blown Moon says:

fucking click baiting motherfuckers. I hope everyone responsible for this channel gets cancer.

Trey says:

Dammit people, stop ruining these vids with that stupid "silly" music and laugh tracks. This ain't friggin AFV.

WolvesBerserker says:

Right so when the glass is replaced there convinced it's okay lunge through door frame… 😡 cunts.

Dishoarder says:

Too bad im allergic to cats they are so fluffy i really want one…

Mariah heart says:

does anyone else despise the sound effects

Dook LaRue 82 says:

Laugh tracks

Nova Verse says:

1:34 really?, is that dog that fucking retarded?.

bo says:

why is there a laugh track for this youtube video

Dark Has no powers but Diabetes says:

Is no one going to complain about the clickbait?

Captain Craft says:

When the nachos kick in

Fűçķ øff says:

The first dogs both got hit so hard they turned into a tornado

Koala Bear says:

I hope the dogs didn't hurt themselves

Shine says:

0:43 legend says that dog is still there up to this day…

High Guys says:

Take of the laughtrack, and music homo

Manda 3D Projects says:

1:39 is my favorite

jason shimomura says:

What a poor dog It's not funny it's hurt for them

Ethan Waite says:

I didn't like the fake laughter and music. Totally ruined the video

dark wolf 666 says:


dark wolf 666 says:

Mm… Dogs know class

wolf family says:

Some of it is not funny

Edd Hayes says:

Holy crap, best videoon earth

Hoping for more!

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