Funny Dogs Opening Their Christmas Presents Compilation 2017

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Funny dog videos of cute and funny dogs opening their Christmas presents and gifts. Surprise! Xmas 2017.

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trinity the ppgfox says:

Dogs are smart! This cute too dogs opening presents on there own LIKE COME ON WHO WILL NOT LOVE THAT THAT IS THE MOST CUTEST THING I HAVE EVER SEEN!

Natalie Borros says:

Dog Opening Christmas Presents

Liana Soares says:

It鈥檚 so cute how pets get gifts, too. 馃巵馃榿

griselda martinez says:

If you hate cats give a like to my comment please I really love dogs and I do not love cats

L W says:

Thery are are family our kids. awesome video.


Wow they are really smart! They are like for me I'm going to open it!

TheKawaiifan says:

My dog does this same shit and it鈥檚 adorable. I love her so much

Bella Rose's Mama says:

Oh we as pet parents indulge them so. But how can we say no to such adorable creatures? We have a Siberian Husky and she is so smart that we have to spell around her and I think she is getting on to us. We have an intercom that works thru our phone system and I think she has figured that out. She knows that if she tells me she has to go out and I pick up the phone I am going to call my husband in his man cave and he will come up and take her out because she then goes and listens for him at the door. They are so smart! The best to all the people out there who are fur baby lovers. They are just the best!

Connie B. says:

I'd wager that cat checking out the doggy bed was thinking:::Oh,,,,,is that for me? HA HA.

GUGUNIO222 says:

hope the owners took price sticker off

Loyal Dog says:

Check this out -> 馃槀馃槀

UberDudeTO says:

Plush toy poor pit bull what an awful gift. I'm sure he would rather have a nice big bone

Victoria Doss says:

Very talented dogs who know how to unwrap a gift. Today, my 8 month old puppy bolted from the room when I handed him a box to open.

Danielle Abalos says:

OMG that's the cutest thing I ever seen

XxHorror LoverxX says:

I love Dogs so much, I have one named Daisy May she got a lot of presents this year. 馃槃

Silvia Porchiella says:


Emmarina says:

Dogs are better than humans because they'd literally be happy about whatever they get, you see the dogs happy about the wrapping paper alone. And then you hear about this girl who cried because her car wasn't the color she wanted

Living Plush Films says:

This year I got my dog 3 things.

Erik Westerveld says:

You know your bored when your watching this video.

I m i n I says:

when you dont have children but you have dogs

Freedom lover says:

Yes, very smart dogs but, my dog is smarter. He opened his present BEFORE Christmas and he went behind the tree so that no one would see him doing it.

Animal lover 369 says:

Aww this is so cute and adorable

Tri- Intuitives says:

Anyone seeing this has to agree that these are intelligent beings and should not be being killed. We need extensive free neutering and no kill shelters.

Melissa Cooper says:

Out of all the dogs we have only Lady, our border collie, who knows how to open her own presents. The other dogs just look at the present or just carry it around.

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