Funny Dogs in Boots 2014 [NEW HD]

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Funny Dogs in Shoes


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Ayon Dibyo says:

0:38 jomby harly queen as dog

JeromiaTownHouse says:

Brian from family guy anyone?

tanosher says:


شیر says:

i read alot of comments about how it's not animal cruelty but not a single one that actually said it

Sukeban Haven says:

I wonder. Why do dogs react like that?

Glenn Quagmire says:

Anyone from Family Guy?

Savy Bun says:

0:40 wanna join my tap dancing class?

Jacob Groves says:

Is anyone here from karl smallwood?

damen whelan says:

Also. My huskies need them all year long as we work on all terrain.

damen whelan says:

Who came here cause Karl told them to?

Emilio Cross-Songui says:

Anyone from Fact Fiend?

Nimmo1492 says:

Karl Smallwood brought me here.

Cosmic_Pizza says:

Thanks, Karl.

Jeff Wong says:

Hey,Karl Smallwood sent me here

Troy Taylor says:

Thank you fact friend

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