Funny Dogs Escaping Compilation | Genius Dog Escapes Cage

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Funny Dogs Escaping Compilation | Genius Dog Escapes Cage. Dogs are so smart so they escaping very easy from the cage.

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Ivan O says:

6:05 I have a Pomeranian to. Now I know how he gets out without making noise.

Kenneth McBride says:

yeah people, do we want to be in a small cage for 8 hours, hell put me in the back-yard.

Robyn Kelly says:

I done this on your insta and messaged you love your videos Clair and Owen is amazing !💙

SpiritWolf Gardian says:

3:05 the gret paranese was found by the owners!!! Dont worry hes ok

Damien Konigsfeld says:

I need to know what dog that is in the thumbnail.

HorseExpression says:

Omg poor baby I hope they found him! 🙁

Kentley King Taggart says:

Dogs are so smart LOL

Oratile Mash'Ego says:

My dog can climb a 4M fence

Neelima Pradhan says:

I have a escape artist at home.other just follows his path

Geo M says:

2:05 hes like " Its getting late time to go home before wifey comes looking for me"

Mista Keez says:

that dog that escaped from the dog hospital by opening up all the doors was hilarious xD

Happy.Holly.Days. says:

Next did English plz

Rescuepetsrule says:

would have been a good video except the yellow lab is now back on the streets directly out of a hospital- what happened then? BAD VIDEO!

Aiter 918 says:

9:25 that cage is upside down.

Audrey adele says:

The golden retriever one was so smart!

Patrica Wyer says:

I hate these bloody cages if you want a dog let it be free

April Zaczkowski says:

2:05 I want this dog

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