Funny Dogs Behaving Like Humans – Dogs Acting like Humans || BEST OF

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Dogs behaving like humans. Dogs acting like humans. Animals behaving like humans. Funny and cute.

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Llllhbbbhdhhhd lol says:

1:47 Noooo

Sophia Bella says:

I hate the frickin owner like these

xCrimson Satanx says:

If blasphemous HD reacted to this
BHD:Dogs are now into the sports channels?! Is that whats good in the streets?

Louis Inglis says:

I really wonder what the fuck I am doing with my life.

Eve The Bunny says:

That dog wearing a backpack in that place which I believe was furniture store was so CUTE

Duke says:

Life is instantly 10x better when you have a dog

Dee Dee Love says:

Why would Asian countries ever eat these spirits

proXmine Crafting4life says:


The Eccentric Budget Gamer says:

It wouldn't surprise me if sometime in the future they evolve into humanoid species. It would be awesome to witness that!

FranCHEEZYYY Es says:

1:29 her laugh though

Main Street Electrical Parade says:

3:00 dogs probably thinking "can these humans shut up"

Stickmanimation says:

First, we have dogs acting normal, next, they act like humans, then they wear adorable clothes, finally, THEY TAKE OVER THE FRIDGING EARTH!

Teja Hara says:

Hit like for the dog at 5:30

Amber Roberts says:

1:55 that’s really bad for the dog’s back!

Gerald V Woodall Jr says:

The guy on the motor cycle is breaking the law. He endangered the dog's life and every person he passed illegally. People wonder why no one respects motor cycles. Ass hole!

Sh1d0wN1ght says:


Officer Frank Tenpenny says:

4:11 is that mishka?

Lixy Frost says:

Lady says” do you know your a dog”

Dog says” the f are you are eating to many Big Macs to be asking am I a dog”

Noxmare says:

Ye, do you know you're a hambeast?

Conner Firkins says:

7:30 thats the cute version of little red riding hood

Greg Chase says:


Many of us fear the day when dogs will figure all this out.
Walking, talking, forming neighborhood watches. Political activism.

"It's time to outlaw spaying and neutering – it's the human's attempt to limit our contributions to the greater good"

Finally though on 'Take your dog to work day" we can put their asses to real work and take some time off "Okay Cyrus be a good dog and get all this freaking code written and finished before I get back"

Sean MacDonell says:

3:09 "annoyin ass thots"

MysticDragon 14 says:

1:52 IS NOT CUTE! Dogs who walk on their hind legs like that are usually beaten and abused to do that

Abhay Kumar says:

Very funny video

Lenny Face says:

WHEEEZE the dog with the backpack has me DEAD 😂

Maria de Fatima Cordeiro Cruz Cruz says:

Ele é engraçado.
É bom q tenha, amor, uma TV e brinquedos.Para fazer a bagunça.
E O bjo é recíproco…
Q Lindeza!

Maria de Fatima Cordeiro Cruz Cruz says:

Q coisa mais linda, meu Deus!
Funy. Kkkkkkkkkkk
Isso é q é gente.
A vontadé q dá é de abraçar, beijar…
Um bichinho desse faz qualquer um, feliz!!

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