Funny Dogs Barking – A Funny Dog Barking Videos Compilation 2015

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Sometimes a dog barking can be so funny. Check out these funny videos of dogs barking and puppies barking. A barking dog can make funny dog barking sounds that will make you laugh.


Seth Wood85 says:

oh I love this. SUBBED!

Anabella Espinoza says:

He sounds like a cat

Anabella Espinoza says:

He sonds like a cat

Bailey Hannah says:

I laughed at the brown chiawawa

Vihanga Chathumina says:


Bahtiyor Khaydarov says:

Поставь лайк если у тебя есть собака

Lindsey Campbell says:

My dog is actually watching this with me

salt and pepper gacha says:

3:00 that made me laugh so hard

Silia & Leva Tatafu says:

This is so so funny and cute

Roar Boe says:

when your dad attempts to rape you so you say : 1:36

Roar Boe says:

when police arrest you but you offer them cocaine so they say: 2:32

El Belectro says:

1:24 what ur mom says when grandpa span in the washing machine

Roar Boe says:

2:52 when you steal a fridge but it does not fit into your car

Compilation Vines says:

awesome. Checkout my dogs also

AyeDeey P says:

2:31 That's not funny. Poor doggo must have been abused by their ex-owner. Their behaviour isn't normal at all.

Vanessa Lurie says:

with the last one did anyone else hear “hi welcome to mcdonalds” ??? cause i did 😂🤷🏼‍♀️

harry potter fan says:

This should be called cute dogs going crazy🤣🤣🤣🤣

ByWayofVirginia says:

Why is this me

Aggelos Fill says:

the last one 3:00 freaks me out 😂 😂

Bjørn Berg says:


thulasi ram karnam says:

1:50 when it is mathematics class.

SighKOpath says:

Thumbnail looks like Jeff The Killer.

Rob Wayne says:

Both my little dog and I turned our heads on the last one – yikes!


Last one is very comedian

Bay Sean says:

1:26 so cute

Laishram Bikash says:


Sardha Devi says:

So funny and so sweet

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