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Here are some funny videos of funny dogs. Hope these funny dog videos will make you laugh. A funny dog always cheers me up. So check out these dog videos.

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Tim Morgan says:

I'm doing a assembly about hurt animals in litter and it can kill them so don't litter lls

Tim Morgan says:

I need a dog in my life

Sam Sung says:

so funny😁😁😁

Ãčťïñğ Ğäřâğē says:


Wolfvic says:

they rso cute ♡ EM dont u

jessica does things says:

Dog: Stands
Guy: BANG!
Dog: xp

Sk News BD says:

Subscribe my channel

xxwolfskyxx [ b a c k u p acc ] says:

YEAH THAT'S RIGHT CATS DO THE MASSAGE 🙂 if I spell it wrong soz .o.

Slushi Draws says:

00:32 I'm so dirty u already know

Funny pet videos says:

Tips to Keep Your Dog Healthy

In the event that you have quite recently gotten a puppy or have just had one for a brief timeframe you may ponder about how to keep it solid. Canines require day by day mind simply like people do. On the off chance that they don't get the correct care then their wellbeing will endure. So how about we take a gander at how to nurture your canine.

Most importantly, your pooch needs legitimate sustenance to be sound. Purchase the correct nourishment for them as per their age. Puppies develop better on nourishment exceptionally intended for their requirements. Grown-up canines would presumably put on an excess of weight on puppy nourishment however. Your senior canine may yet require another nourishment. Counsel with your veterinarian on which sustenance for what age gather. Try not to overload your puppy either this can prompt to corpulence.

Much the same as with people corpulence in pooches can bring about them medical issues. They experience serious difficulties around for a certain something. This could bring on joint inflammation for the canine as well. Included weight can likewise be challenging for the heart. So be cautious how much and what you bolster your puppy.

The puppy needs a lot of water accessible to it. It should be kept hydrated. Water is so imperative to all life shapes for their cells to work inside their bodies. Along these lines puppies can't have great wellbeing without it.

Puppies are generally exceptionally social creatures. This implies they require love and consideration. They should be petted and conversed with. This makes them realize that they are adored and looked after. Commonly mutts will turn out to be more connected to the individual who nourishes them and adores on them the most.

Standard visits to the veterinarian for the required shots and checkups are critical as well. You need to shield your pooch from heartworms, rabies, and alternate different things immunizations and prescription can avoid in them. Additionally you need to get any medical issues early.

Brush your puppy's teeth all the time to avert tooth rot. A puppy's wellbeing can be definitely influenced in the event that they can't eat in an ordinary way as a result of issue teeth. So brushing its teeth alongside having the vet check them will keep them fit as a fiddle.

Practice is so vital for your pooch simply like it is for you. You can go on long strolls with it, or simply get it done in the yard with it. My canine likes a decent round of pursue for her work out. Practicing keeps any puppies muscles in great frame while keeping the heart fit as a fiddle as well. Obviously with a more established canine you should ensure they don't get excessively drained.

In the hot summer months, it is essential that the pooches not get overheated. They can get excessively hot and even pass on sometimes. So ensure they are inside or in shade amid the most smoking part of the day and that they have a lot of water.

Take after the above tips and you will have an exceptionally solid pooch. A canine turns out to be such a piece of your family that you need them to carry on quite a while. Nourish and water your puppy, adore your canine, practice it and you will have one glad sound pooch.

othman tayach othman says:

that was cute but not funny at all they call it sweet dogs compilation not funny

Samuel Mandel says:

What's the name of the ukulele song

Zamarri says:

Its. Says 2016 but look at the publish date… Lieing fuck

Flor Romero says:

i love dogs and puppy's and kittens. and cats

Kathy Kiiskinen says:


Pelin Aydın says:

See note I did not like the last one in the man is he doing mouth to horhor

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