Funny Dog Want Sleep In Owner's Bed | Dog don't Leave Owner Bed | Top Dogs Video

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Funny Dog Want Sleep In Owner’s Bed | Dog don’t Leave Owner Bed | Top Dogs Video
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Jerome Simmons says:


sidduu says:

😘😘 love dogs

Vanny Mac says:

I love dog/ animals but they should not be in our beds. Everything must have boundary.

Chuck Pestacchi says:

OMGod, I thought that last small dog was going to bite the owner, that was close. Bad Dog

Sindhi pradeep Sindhi pradeep says:

How cute and innocent are they….

Janet Johnson says:

Nope not having it and these owners should know better. They should have their own bed. And that's not funny. And they wouldn't get away with that.

Janet Johnson says:

You owners are not stern. I dont not like spoil animals where throw temper tantrums that's not happening. I won't ever hurt an animal. But they will not run my home.

Confident Design says:

They not getting off because they think you just joking with them what a world dogs sleeping in the bed like humans and us we are the dogs.

T MH says:

@1:21 I love her optimism… she swears that’s still her bed lmao 🤣

When you have a dog, you have no bed!

Bimala Devi says:

Funny video

Yeshy Mullo says:

All the dogs: bish who you talking to? I run this joint. Now drop and give me 20.

WGshamali Kumari says:


BlueTarantulaProductions says:

When my brother and I used to live together along with his fiance I would take care of our dog, an American bulldog/boxer cross (Bullbox) named Petey (Pete for short) he loved sleeping with me throughout the night and refused to get off of my bed in the morning, probably due to my mattress being extra comfortable. I live on my own these days and I really miss having my favorite pup around.

carla apellanes says:

I remember natsu shes like that dog on the last video. She will get mad whenever my mom wants her to get out of thier bed. She takes all the space of thier small bed 😂 😂 😂

Sherry Heppy says:

Dogs are funny, 💝😁🤓

Jemikan Jemikan says:

Only one Word : Hilarious

anne capel says:

LET YOUR ANIMALS QUIET !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

anne capel says:

Let them sleep in beds, LET THEM OR DON'T HAVE ANIMALS

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