Funny Dog Video-Dogo Argentino

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Our sweet and funny little man..

Funny Dog Video-Dogo Argentino
Dogo Argentino💕
Inspired by Jenna Marble
Funny Dog Video




Maria Salazar says:

Poor dog, you guys are assholes

luutsius says:

I miss so much my dogo😭😭

Denise Besic says:

Poor doggie but it’s Very funny!😂😂😂

Dario says:

que lindo es mi compatriota..tuve uno y es el mejor perro lejos..

Nehrican Yazıcı says:

siz ne kadar aptal insanlarsınız.

Carlos Gonzalez says:

He’s sweet!

lolo terraplanista says:

I hope one day the dog bites you so bad, because you are so stupid.

Andrew says:

1:08 está jugando con el dildo de la rubia 😛😛

marcelodutrey says:


Judy Daggs says:

Why are they teasing this beautiful dog I don’t like it.

fD1193 says:

Make a video talking about living with him, and raising him. His personality and such. Please!

Horacio Selis says:

Porque no se soplan el orto manga de pelotudos es lo peor que le podes hacer a un perro

Apostolos kalias says:

Are you from greece εισαι απο ελαδα?

XIV Words says:

Dogs love to play like this

Nan Paz says:

Pobre perrito. ¡Qué dueños idiotas!

Enzo Mattia Dominici says:

Stop annoying that dog

Zule says:

They also hate when you rub in between their feet, but they love it when you rub inside their ears. I have a Doberman, Cane Corso, Presa Carnario, and a Dogo Argentino. They are all indoor dogs and extremely friendly unless you have bad intentions. My homeowners insurance canceled me because of the Dogo. Ridiculous! He’s the friendliest of the bunch. This dog has a bad reputation which is completely unjust. As you can see in this video they tolerate things that annoys then to please their owner.

ale alessandro says:

No sabes tratar con dogo argentino…es claro….

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