Funny Dog snitches on sibling. Who stole the cookie?

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Sandy says:

Loa has a guilty look on her from the get go! 😂 they are so gorgeous, and precious!

Liam Liew_ YT says:

Let’s play “choices”

Sameer Mehta says:

I am surprised dogs didn’t fell asleep.

Telugu Knowledge says:

The comment section is a goldmine.. The more you dig, the more legendary comments you'll find..😂

bigfellaoo7 says:

This is what they did in east Berlin. I've been there and learned their history. They turned each other in.

Wesslyn Peckoner says:

This lady is a cop

Chrissie Bawn says:


fx exile says:

Difficult decision in life : should I watch the video till the end with that talking

Pauly McDingo says:

She made that way too hard he was ready ta sell her out right away lol

Asle Hoplophilia says:


Ron Joslin says:

Come on get to the point!

Falcon3882 says:

Kate R you nailed it. 30 seconds into the video and I had had it with this staged garbage of a video.

Versus 123 says:

Poor dogs she is so boring.

Abdisalam Farah says:

The amount of lucture involved I wouldn't be surprised if they talked in human language… 'Shut up woman… For God's sake!"

david mcclain says:

Ah…. I think we found a replacement for Mr Rodgers…

Vaibhav Sharma says:

She is still taking right now and forever

Life With Lucy says:

“This is agonizing Harley”
Harley: It’s her, periodt.

K M Mahendra says:

This is by far the funniest comedy act i have ever seen, dogs performance is very much crucial for my laugh

wyatt earp says:

very funny…. a nice sat morn smile….thanks….canada

Major Playz says:

Stfu woof woof

Lena pires says:

what a stupid video..

Aman srivastava says:

Stop talking already

J3H27 谢宗卫Cheah Chung Wei says:

I think the male dog is the culprit lol, he keeps avoiding eye contact

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