Funny Dog Reacts to My Hugs with Stuffed Toy Dog [TRY NOT TO LAUGH]

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Hey guys! See how funny Golden Retriever reacts when I hug another “dog” [Stuffed Toy Husky]! Be sure to subscribe, make sure to enable ALL push notifications! 🔔and leave your comments under this video!


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Love you Both

Windy Wind says:

Oh Bailey and your human….too funny : )

Gonzalo Félix pancho wharton Serrano arrias says:

Year your rival up

tika feng says:

Bailey, you're so spoiled

bhavani jaishankarr says:

Ohhh my cute bailey

Rinku Patra says:

Love youuuuu Bailey!!!❤

Rinku Patra says:

Love youuuuu Bailey!!!❤

Enzo 1965 says:

Dog Therapy years later….

Cindy landis says:

I wonder what would happen if you brought another dog in the house Bailey would probably flip out

Cindy landis says:

What is your first name sir I feel like if I know your first name I may feel like I know you better I know Bailey pretty well

Eliana Morais says:

Lindo demais

Jude Sparks says:

Omgosg Bailey…you are priceless LoL

C G says:

Hello, it's so funny!!!😅

Aruna Tanniru says:


Aruna Tanniru says:

My cute boy bailey

akanksha pathak says:

Jealous Bailey😂

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