FUNNY DOG PROTECTS HUMAN | Top Dog Videos Compilation

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▮ FUNNY DOG PROTECTS HUMAN | Top Dog Videos Compilation
Description: Protection dogs Dogs protecting owners real life footage.
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Tara R says:

Owners don't realise that their stupid behaviour put their dogs under a lot of stress
The teasers can get bitten through no fault of the harassed dogs
Not funny

Ardent Fan says:

Another demonstration of loyalty from man's best friend.

Helga Frahmann says:

Es IST ewig schade, wie die Hunde nur so zum Spaß in loyalitätskonflikte gestürzt werden. Sie verstehen nicht, dass das Spass ist 😢😢😢😥😟😭😭

marcia faundez says:

Con las mascotasde tu casa no se juega a agredir a tu familia. A ellos no les gusta. Agredir a sus amos. No me gustan eso juego no es gracioso .

Edy Suparjo says:



The Pet doesn't see this as a game, you Dopes.

Tsunami Lan says:

Don’t touch a hair on my human 🐶

Debi Ehrlich says:

I really wanted to punch a bunch of these people. The dog's should've eaten a few of them

Drew Shourd says:

53 years old and have never seen a dog with a diaper….canine incontinence or owner laziness?

Minist says:

Funny and all but not good at all.

Sarah Clark says:

German shepherds are the best guard dog's and family pet to protect your loved ones

Jik Jik says:

so kind of them <3

Cui Li says:

Did you guys notice that a lot the dogs are Pomeranian? I used to have a Pomeranian and he was just like that, very protective to the owners😎

Silvana Teixeira says:


antonzap says:

Why is that one dog wearing a diaper?

sayvar44 says:

Whenever my girlfriend comes around my two dogs sit in between us on the couch and if she hugs and kisses me they both circle her and bump into her! I literally have to put them outside if we wanna make out because they get so jealous but the fact is she is jealous of them too And if she forced me to decide she would be the one hitting the road! Sorry babe! 🐶🐶


Awesome dogs are so loyal to their owners lol

Sarah Clark says:


Manu Meloni says:

Bellissimi amori vi AMO con tutto il CUORE buona VITA tante coccole baci🐕🤗💞😺😘🐾💋💟😍🐶💝💖💖💝🐶😍🐕🤗💞😺😺😘🐾👍👍👍👍

Алексей Молодых says:


Marlin M says:

Very poor behaviors are being reinforced.

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