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My dog, Roxy, an 8 month old Border Collie, enjoys running around and playing at the ranch. The veterinarian said, she apparently discovered some wild shrooms in one the cow pies locally. This video documents her reaction.


Red Astro says:

Lmfao use her to find you some now.

Darlton Jackson says:

She thinks she's at the world's biggest dog park

Andréa says:

I’m glad she recovered well, but I wonder…did she see in color? Or could she see what her nose was telling her?

seymour butz says:

Should have cranked some tool to listen to

MegaRudeBoy69 says:

To the outside observer, it looks bad, but inside her mind…. it's all too beautiful…

Travis Holbrook says:

He trained her well

Sheboobellach says:

Idk she looks pretty uncomfortable to me lol

Truth hurts says:

This dog toom me back 20 years 🤣🤣 good times😎

Brian J Brice says:

He can now speak dolphin

Brian J Brice says:

Lol have a nice trip little puppers?

Jose Rodriguez says:

If that was my dog I’d be butthurt, she didn’t take them with me.

Fordi_Lajorge says:

Dog off da goop

Reiko Suzuka says:

I puzzle about what dogs think of me in general…. so wtf would i be to a dog whos tripping balls? Probably some form of awesome.

QuatroCerberus says:

She was expanding her conciiuness

Beach Party says:

I feel inclined to blow my mind
Get hung up, feed the ducks with a bun
They all come out to groove about
Be nice and have fun in the sun

Zodiac 154 says:

Dog: Learning the secrets to the universe and possibly communicating with a biblically accurate angel to gain even more infinite wisdom

Human: She’s enjoying the experience

Sera na Narkomani says:

How the fuk do u know its enjoyn it u junky lmao u talk dog now

Cicero G’s up Hoes down says:

In 7 months she’s gonna be talking to you using full sentences

Private Citizen Guy says:

That’s an ugly ass dog. The owner must be hideous.

Pat Tracy says:

Hey,a new show is on today!!

Orixa says:

People who never tripped :Omg that dog is poisoned >:(
People who have tripped :Haha that dog met God xD

Brett Sharkey says:

Hey, we've all been there…

randallECTRIC says:

Unless they were fly agaric amanita muscaria the rest of that mushroom family is the death cap..or there are cow fields near by that psilocybin can grow

Kaelynn Pacheco says:

Uhhhh her tail is tucked… feel like she was DEFINITELY scared hahah poor thing

Ryan Court says:

"Wild Shrooms huh…"
Lol ya right…. WILD!
Not hers at all. WiLD.

Lazarus Long says:

Found my spirit animal.

Johnny & Karen Day says:

I don't find this funny. Should have taken dog to vet immediately rather than recording for entertainment.

Sally Kilby says:

Rather than filming your dog, why didn't you ring up for some advice as you don't know what it does to a dog's body esspecially if this happens again, then you'll know what to do, instead of just shrugging it off just because the dog seems ok.

ChiliCheeseD0g says:

Shrooms are an antidepressant. Your dog is happy AF.

sputnikalgrim says:

She’s trippin balls on another plain of existence

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